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My mother and I founded Ray because we found it very hard to find hair care which was free from toxic or irritating ingredients.

Many brands who claim to be healthy are not. Their list of ingredients require advanced studies to understand and when your friends come to visit you, they assume you have a deadly skin disease, only looking at your shampoo bottle.

“Could it be that hard?” – we asked ourselves. We tried (a lot) – and made a shampoo & conditioner ourselves!

Back in 2017, I was still a banking lawyer and not skilled at making anything, honestly. Luckily, my mother had over 20 years of experience making her own cosmetics and wanted to help out!

The standards we set were very high. Many of our suppliers told us our goal was “impossible”. We did not only want to avoid irritating or toxic ingredients but also have a sustainable and biodegradable product. And most importantly, our customer’s hair has to look amazing, too.

We experimented with a few hundred different ingredients and about a thousand different combinations. We thought of giving up many times. We continued trying and finally found a formula which feels and looks great, contains only safe ingredients and is good for nature as well. 

The best part? We’re not keeping it for ourselves! You can enjoy it too.

Tried our product? Let us know what you think, so we can improve it every day.

who we are.

Thomas Kindermans

Hilde Nys