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Made by pharmacist Hilde Nys from Ghent

Founder Hilde Nys has been working as a pharmacist in Veldstraat, Ghent, for over 20 years. In her arduous quest for truly healthy and sustainable care products, she decided to start developing them together with her son Thomas.

Hilde ensures that all Ray products contain only active and functional ingredients that are good for your health, your skin, and our planet. They still develop all Ray products by hand in Ghent. This way, they have full control over the quality, health, and sustainability of your care products.

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Ray contains as few ingredients as possible to minimize the risk of allergies or irritations.

Good for your health

Each ingredient is analyzed separately and approved for potential health risks such as cancer, hormone disruption, skin irritation, immune system disruption, and pigmentation spots.

More than just natural

Ray is completely natural, but also contains no natural ingredients that could potentially cause skin irritation such as linalool, geraniol, limonene, or citronellol.

To minimize the risk of allergies, Ray uses only strictly necessary active and functional ingredients and no superfluous ingredients for marketing purposes.

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