Crafted and produced bypharmacist Hilde Nys.

Made by pharmacist Hilde Nys from Ghent

Founder Hilde Nys has been working as a pharmacist in the Veldstraat in Ghent for over 20 years. In her tedious search for truly healthy and sustainable care products, she decided to start developing them together with her son Thomas.

Hilde ensures that all Ray products contain only active and functional ingredients that are good for your health, your skin, and our planet. They still develop and produce all Ray products by hand in Ghent. This way, they have full control over the quality, health, and sustainability of your personal care products.

Made by a pharmacist, and it shows.

Good for your skin.

A clean deodorant that keeps on making you sweat or a healthy shampoo that doesn't get your hair clean isn't going make you keep using it.

So the most important thing when developing a Ray product is that it works the way you expect it to work.

Good for your health.

Each Ray ingredient is individually analysed and approved for potential health risks such as cancer, hormone disruption, skin irritation, immunity disruption and pigmentation.

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Small-scale production driven by customer feedback.

Extensively tested & improved.

We develop all Ray products ourselves at the pharmacy. This allows us to incorporate feedback directly to continuously improve our products.

For sensitive skin, too.

All Ray products are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested as well as approved for people with sensitive skin.

Biodegrades quickly.

All Ray products are vegan, cruelty-free, natural and biodegradable within 28 days.

We are not a sustainable company, but do our absolute best.

Let's face it: as humans, we cannot live entirely sustainably. Still, we have to do our very best. That's why all our bottles are made of recycled plastic, glass or cardboard and you can refill some at the pharmacy or at home.

Will you lend us a hand by disposing your empty packaging properly?

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