Tanning Drops

Get a subtle tan with Ray's self-tanning drops.

  • Hydrates thanks to hyaluronic acid
  • Provides a subtle, tanned complexion thanks to dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and erytrulose

Mix a pea-sized amount with the Ray Day & Night Cream for a subtle tan on the face and 2-3 peas in combination with the Ray Body Lotion for the body. The dosage is easy to adjust for a darker or lighter shade.

These self-tanning drops do not contain perfume and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes.

Wash your hands after using the Ray Tanning Drops.

After a few hours you will see a first result and after 24 hours you will see the best result that will last 3 to 7 days.

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Ingredients your skin will love.

Selected by pharmacist Hilde Nys.

Every ingredient in this product is carefully scientifically examined by pharmacist Hilde Nys for its potential to be carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, skin-irritating, immunity-disrupting, or highly allergenic, and for the risk of damaging the skin barrier or causing pigmentation spots.

Healthy ingredients that work.

Many personal care products contain unnecessary commercial ingredients. To reduce the risk of irritation or allergies, Ray contains only the essential active or supportive ingredients.

More sustainable content in a more sustainable packaging.


Packaging is sourced from non-fossil origins such as recycled plastic, cardboard, glass, or sugarcane as much as possible.

Biodegradable contents.

All ingredients of this product are biodegradable within 28 days.


Do you help nature by properly recycling your packaging with the PMD, glass, or paper waste?