our sustainable packaging.

compostable packaging?

Our bottles are made out of fibers which come out of sugarcane plants. 🌾 Just like our products, they are completely made out of plants🌱  They are also EN13432-certified and therefore officially compostable.

They break down in 12 weeks in an industrial composting plant. In nature, it would take them about 1-2 years. Much much shorter than the average plastic bottle! 😉

Unfortunately, bioplastic technology is not able to make our pump out of sugar cane. We hope to announce our compostable pumps as soon as possible.⚡

Can we throw the bottle on the compost pile?

Yes and no. 🤔

It’s not impossible but you’ll need a good and warm compost pile to break down the bottle completely in a short time. 🔥 In the industrial compost plants, humidity, heat & bacteria are well controlled. There, the bottles will biodegrade in about 12 weeks. 🕑

Can we throw them in the organic waste bin (GFT)?

In theory, you can throw them in the organic waste bin (GFT). 🍌 However, many waste processing companies in Belgium and the Netherlands don’t like this because they don’t know yet how to treat different types of bioplastics and/or they don’t have purchased the necessary machines yet to industrially compost bioplastics. 🙃 🤦 Of course, we hope they will change their mind soon and allow our bottles in the organic waste bin, where they belong! 😉

Can we throw them in the household waste bin?

Throwing the bottle in the household waste is the safest option, for now. ✅ The good thing is that when the bottle will be burned, it contains no plastic elements which could pollute the air. 🏭 Further, in the unfortunate case our bottle end up in nature, it will biodegrade in only 1-2 years. 🐳 Obviously, we would love to put our bottles in the organic waste bin. 🗑

We hope the waste processing companies will accept this as soon as possible and treat our bottles like they should be treated: like plants. 🌳