Biodegradable productsin sustainable packaging.

Healthy products deserve sustainable packaging.

We handle your health and the health of your skin with care and awareness. But we also do not neglect the health of nature and the planet.

Eco-friendly products.

Our products do not contain plastic particles or silicones, which are harmful to nature. They are quickly biodegradable and do not pollute the environment even after use.

Our reusable packaging is also environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Our packaging is mainly made of recycled plastic, glass, or cardboard, and some can be refilled at the pharmacy or at home. Will you help us by properly disposing of your empty packaging?

What are our packaging materials made of?

Our bottles are made from recycled plastic, glass, or cardboard.

To reduce our ecological footprint, we use as many non-fossil materials as possible for the production of our bottles. They are made entirely from sugarcane or at least 50% from recycled plastic.

Recycle your empty packaging.

Our packaging is recyclable! You can lend us a hand by recycling them properly so they can be given a new life. Scroll down to find out how you can help.

The less packaging we use, the better.

Larger bottles mean less plastic.

There is roughly the same amount of plastic in each bottle, regardless of the size. Therefore, it's better to buy one large bottle of shampoo instead of two small ones. It's also cheaper!

Need a refill? Drop by our stores!

Your empty packaging is reusable. You can have most products refilled at our stores in Ghent and Antwerp. We look forward to seeing you there!

You should do this with your empty bottle.

Help us to recycle.

Our bottles are recyclable and should be placed with the plastic waste. This way, we can make new products from them.

Unscrew the cap or pump from the bottle for easier recycling.

The pump/nozzle and the bottle are made from different types of plastic. You can help make the sorting process easier by separating them. Even better is to remove the label from the bottle.

We care about our products, both the packaging and the ingredients.

Now that you know everything about our more sustainable packaging, we would also like to tell you all about the products in the bottles. Learn more about our ingredients and what they do for your body.

Read more about ingredients here